How can I rent an apartment in SMIK Intelligent Living?
Contact us by phone or email and make an appointment to visit Smik Intelligent Living.

Fill in the application form for the apartment you wish.

You will receive a response to your application from Smik Intelligent Living.

You will sign a lease, for one year at least.
What are the terms of the lease and the building regulation?
The regulation has been established to ensure the smooth and problem-free stay of tenants in Smik Intelligent Living. The terms and the regulation are given to tenants following the submission of the application form and before the lease is signed.
What equipment does an apartment in Smik Intelligent Living include?
Each of the 36 apartments at Smik Intelligent Living has the same household equipment, with some differences in the Smile apartments (47 sq.m).

Kitchen furniture 40 inches TV
Zanussi hobs TV stand
Zanussi Fridge Coffee table
Cooker-hood Nightstand
Devo Oven Lamps and spotlights (floor - ceiling)
Kitchen table Curtains
Chairs (4) Europa aluminium frames with screens
Wardrobes Table on balcony
Bed with mattress Chairs on balcony (2)
Sofa bed Solar collector with built-in heater (double action)
WC stand with washbasin - mirror Installed satellite antenna
Bookcase Daikin air conditioner unit (cooling - heating)
Shelves Alarm
Study desk Fire detection system
Office Chair Automatic Dickson awnings with remote control

The apartments do not have toiletries, linens and kitchen accessories. No fixed phone line is provided. However, they do feature the required infrastructure in case tenants wish to connect with a provider of their choice.
Are all apartments in Smik Intelligent Living the same?
The differences in the Smik Intelligent Living apartments concern:

Their view. The front apartments face the sea, while the back apartments face the mountain.

Their size. There are 3 categories of apartments: 31-33m2, 40m2 and 47m2
What's included in the rent for each apartment? Are there extra charges?
Tenants only pay the rent and the electricity bills.

At no extra cost, the rent includes:

1.Unlimited use of a wired Internet connection and Wi-Fi throughout the building
2.The water bill (free consumption up to 20 m3/4 months)
3.Shared expenses
Is a guarantor required for signing the lease agreement with Smik Intelligent living?
The lease agreement should be guaranteed and signed by one of the two parents; a deposit of 2 rents is required as a guarantee for the proper use of the apartment. The deposit shall be returned to the tenant upon the expiry of the lease and the delivery of the apartment.
Can 2 people stay in one apartment?
No, Smik's apartments are designed and furnished in order to accommodate only one occupant.
Does Smik Intelligent living provide security?
The main entrance features a security door and a 24-hour CCTV system. Entrance to the building is allowed only using security cards.

Every apartment has a coded alarm, covering its door and balcony doors.

Through the entrance camera, all apartments are linked to the Mamager, who can be called directly, round the clock, in an emergency or if you feel sick.
How can I wash my clothes?
The 1st floor features a special laundry room, with 2 washing machines and clothes dryers, which operate using coins per wash.
What about parking?
There is a parking garage on Gerokostopoulou Street, 50 metres from the building, which offers special monthly discounts for tenants of Smik Intelligent Living. Furthermore, as tenants are not allowed to park their bicycles in the building, the parking area has a free-of-charge specially designed and sheltered area for the storage of bicycles round the clock.
Is there someone responsible for cleaning in Smik Intelligent Living?
The mamager resides in a 1st-floor apartment; she is available round the clock to handle any problems tenants may face and is responsible for the daily cleaning of the communal and laundry areas.

Upon special agreement, the mamager can also clean the apartments or wash and iron the tenants' clothes.
Is there a contact point at the company that manages Smik Intelligent Living?
You can contact the management office of Smik Intelligent Living by phone or email. (94 Riga Fereou Str., 4th floor). The contact point is available round the clock to solve any problem the tenants may face